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Miss Pole Dance UK – The History 2005-2014

Interesting to see a load of images of mine from the 2008 and 2009 Miss Pole Dance UK finals.

Even though this is a compilation of images from 2005-2014, my two years of images in just 2008 and 2009, feature in virtually all the time line from 5.50-10.20.  Not too bad in a 16.26 length video!

You can see a couple of my watermarks in the base right of the images throughout most of that time.

It’s great to see how my photography has progressed since that time.

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Maxine Masterclass – 2009-11-21 – Surrey

Maxine was the winner of Miss Pole Dance UK 2009, just around a month ago.  As you can see, she’s pretty strong!

This particular event was her ‘masterclass’, in Kent.


For the full collection of images from the day, please visit the following Flickr link:

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Miss Pole Dance 2008 – Official Photographer

Yesterday was certainly an interesting day.

My partner, Jolene, was one of the finalists of Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 and I was the only official photographer. This resulted in full access to all areas: backstage, VIP area, changing rooms, make-up areas, anywhere on stage (within reason), and of course I was there throughout the day.

As it was, I knew in advance around half the finalists from previous ‘Pole Jams’ and other pole events (as you’ll see from some of my collections on Flickr). Despite the usual late organisational challenges in getting everyone together where they should have been by the times required, the evening did prove to be a big success, with around 900 people in the audience, and around 19 performers on stage.

The performers were incredible, so around 2,000 images were taken throughout the evening.

This is Lisa, one of the early competitors of the evening, with the crowd in awe.
This is Lisa, one of the early competitors of the evening, with the crowd in awe.

The collection of the images from the day can be found on the following link:

Of course any press/media enquiries to purchase any of the images, do get in contact.