An excellent wedding photographer – Jasmine Star

I’ve just been fortunate enough to discover the website of a really excellent wedding photographer, Jasmine Star.

I first discovered the wedding section of her blog, and was just so impressed with the quality of her images, for each and every wedding collection she’s displayed.

They have a real truth, beauty, naturalness, art, and technical skill that I so rarely see combined by a single person. She’s clearly passionate about her work, and excellent at what she does.  I’m sure she’ll have an incredible career ahead of her.

If you’re a particularly observant type, something you may notice from her wedding blog, is that the large selection of around 100 images displayed, are all just from the last few weeks!  (whereas many photographic websites will only make available a very small selection from each event).

Very impressive, very inspirational, and well worth a look.

If you’re in the area, and/or can afford to fly her over for your wedding, it looks like money very well spent!

Thank you Jasmine.

Miss Pole Dance 2008 – Official Photographer

Yesterday was certainly an interesting day.

My partner, Jolene, was one of the finalists of Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 and I was the only official photographer. This resulted in full access to all areas: backstage, VIP area, changing rooms, make-up areas, anywhere on stage (within reason), and of course I was there throughout the day.

As it was, I knew in advance around half the finalists from previous ‘Pole Jams’ and other pole events (as you’ll see from some of my collections on Flickr). Despite the usual late organisational challenges in getting everyone together where they should have been by the times required, the evening did prove to be a big success, with around 900 people in the audience, and around 19 performers on stage.

The performers were incredible, so around 2,000 images were taken throughout the evening.

This is Lisa, one of the early competitors of the evening, with the crowd in awe.
This is Lisa, one of the early competitors of the evening, with the crowd in awe.

The collection of the images from the day can be found on the following link:

Of course any press/media enquiries to purchase any of the images, do get in contact.

Re-publishing the photo links to facebook

Having just removed the links to the Imagine Cup 2008 collections on the main home page of, I felt it appropriate to put them all somewhere accessible too for easier reference for those remaining in the photos to be named, such as here:

Jason Parlour’s new space on Flickr

As good have things have been to keep a number of photos on these free livespaces account for the last few months, as the number of photos being uploaded at the moment seems to be increasing rapidly, it’s seemed more appropriate to hold some space on ‘Flickr‘ for easier accessibility, for those keen to see each collection from particular trips I’m heading away on:

Please do check it out, and you can leave any feedback there too.

Therefore, in the future, a large selection of the photos from various trips and events I’m involved with from now on, will now, most likely, just be uploaded there instead of here.

Really importantly for me, I can upload them at a variety of resolutions, directly from the ‘Vista Live Photo Gallery’ on my desktop too! (in case you’re not familiar, do check it out as I’ve personally found it brilliant

Of course, I’ll still keep a few of my really favourite images through a portfolio on

Similarly, I expect I’ll still be uploading group photos to my facebook account too (when it’s likely those in the photos will also find them).  However, for the various people I meet whilst out and about, who are keen on seeing copies of the images taken (ie like last week during a trip to a wildlife park), putting them on Flickr may be more suitable.  I’ll see how I get on!

Finally, the remaining images from the Imagine Cup 2008

I’m very pleased to say that I’ve finally been able to get hold of the remaining images to upload, from the Imagine Cup 2008.

As with all these images, the online versions are a relatively small number of those taken, so if you’d like photos either side of the images of yourself (i.e. receiving awards, etc.) just let me know and I should be able to get them for you.

Photos from Glastonbury 2008

I’m pleased to say a selection of my photos from the Glastonbury 2008 Festival are now online, here:

A couple of my personal favourites from the festival are these two.  The first in particular which to me summarises the type of ‘camping’ involved at the Glastonbury Festival (especially with my background teaching kids about lightweight hiking with the DofE Award scheme for many years):



Appearing in the press

Having just spotted these couple of articles on the web today, I thought this would be a good place to share it:…top_photography_prize
Unfortunately, there is a bit of a typo, in that I’m not actually going to get work experience out in Seattle as a result of this round of the competition… but it’s not the end of the competition yet!

I’ve also found myself here:…-tech-world-cup.html

I’m also off to the Glastonbury Festival this weekend, and will be using this as a further test run for the finals. It should also be an amazing time away, especially as the weather doesn’t actually look too bad!