Commercial Events

Tech Rehearsals for the Wellington Circus Trust

Remembering to talk about some of the recent shoots I’ve been involved with, here’s a few shots from the Tech Rehearsal of the Wellington Circus Trust‘s RAW Spring Showcase.

The fuller collection can be found on the Facebook collection







IEP – International Exchange Program – Auckland, New Zealand

Today I was fortunate to be involved with a shoot for the IEP (International Exchange Program, New Zealand).  This organisation helps to bring together various work exchange programs for young people from around the world, with their numerous world partners.

The brief was mainly just to get a new group photo of most of the staff, but this expanded whilst on site, to capture some images from around their office on Queen Street, Auckland, too.

The photos are essentially unedited for colour balance, etc.  but here are a quick sample.




9R2A6801   9R2A6929




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Re-publishing the photo links to facebook

Having just removed the links to the Imagine Cup 2008 collections on the main home page of, I felt it appropriate to put them all somewhere accessible too for easier reference for those remaining in the photos to be named, such as here:

Commercial links

Finally, the remaining images from the Imagine Cup 2008

I’m very pleased to say that I’ve finally been able to get hold of the remaining images to upload, from the Imagine Cup 2008.

As with all these images, the online versions are a relatively small number of those taken, so if you’d like photos either side of the images of yourself (i.e. receiving awards, etc.) just let me know and I should be able to get them for you.


The Imagine Cup 2008 Worldwide Finals

The various photos I’ve been taking throughout the ImagineCup2008 Worldwide Finals are now uploading to these livespaces account.

If you’d like to publish the photos of yourself from this portfolio elsewhere, for non-commercial purposes only, that’s fine, just please ensure you credit me (with a web-link where applicable) wherever you use them (ie on facebook, myspace, etc).  I do however now also have all of these photos from the Imagine Cup 2008 on my facebook account.  Just search for ‘Jason Parlour’ and you should find me.

If you’d like to use any of these images commercially, ie on a business/photography website or similar, please get in contact directly to discuss, and I’m sure we can reach an amicable arrangement pretty quickly and cheaply as applicable.

(NB. If you work for Microsoft, and you want to use them on a Microsoft website/blog, there’s no need to get in contact prior to making a copy, just please let me know where they’re being used, and again, make the relevant photo credits when using them 🙂 )

Of course, if you’d like any high resolution copies of any of these images (up to around 3822×2592 pixels, big enough for an A3 print), just let me know which one(s) (ideally by sending a thumbnail copy, or the image reference number) and I can get a copy sent/uploaded for you pretty promptly.


More updates from the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals

Well the photography entries are in, and the judges will now have made their decisions (although we won’t be finding out the results until tomorrow evening).

It’s been a real pleasure to be here, and I’m very grateful to have met some really amazing people throughout my time in Paris, and experience some of that uniquely French & Parisian culture. It’s even been great to try and recall my G.C.S.E. French from 16 years ago!

I’ll be publishing a big stock of images on my livespaces account very soon after I return to the UK, which will be accessible through this link

I’ve also been lucky enough to be included twice on the official ImagineCup blog:
Imagine Cup – photography & Imagine Cup – Interface Design