A couple of notes about Copyright

With all images taken in the UK and NZ, and most other parts of the world, the legal copyright of each image rests with the photographer.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pay Jason Parlour Photography every time you want to print out or use a copy on the web for your own website (where the suitable payment has been made originally for the respective type of use).

When you buy a digital copy of the images from your shoot or event, you get a temporary release of copyright for your own use (including commercial use of the images on your own printed materials) if you commissioned the images originally.

To help ensure copyright protection is maintained, if you wish to use the images in the press or other associated media, a suitable additional arrangement must be made to ensure suitable remuneration for all parties, in advance of any additional use.

Use on Facebook and other Social networking sites and similar

Many of my images can be purchased for commercial, and non-commercial use, in a digital form for websites like Facebook, personal blogs, business blogs, etc.

If you have paid the very reasonable fee to get a digital copy of your chosen images, you may use them as described in the type of licence you’ve purchased, and they can remain in your own album, within your own profile, and be tagged from there for other people featured. However, they must not be shared with others, or resold, etc.   Copyright still remains with Jason Parlour Photography.

If you have not purchased images taken by Jason Parlour Photography, but see them listed on someone else’s profile or similar, you may not make a copy for yourself without paying the relevant licence fee for it’s use. You can ‘tag’ yourself within the image if you’re featured, but not make a copy onto your own profile, album, website, or similar.

Notes on Copyright:

Images may not be resold, or used on other websites not authorised at the time of purchase. Any breach of this will result in action being taken against all parties involved, at a minimum of £500+VAT (UK) / $1,000 (NZ) per copyright breach.

Other Notes:

The ‘commercial use prices’ and ‘personal use prices’ pages form part of our terms and conditions.

‘Jason Parlour Photography’ is a trading name of Parlour Limited. A company registered in England and Wales. Company number: 4019990.