Jason in Auckland, NZ. March 2014

Originally based from the UK, my photography has fortunately taken me far and wide.  I’m now based in Wellington, New Zealand : the home of the NZ movie industry.

Although I’d been a keen hobbyist photography for many years, my commercial photography was developed in response to the desire to find great photos for my various own commercial enterprises.

The more research I undertook into trying to find a local photographer who captured moments, ideas, and thoughts, in the way I intended, the more I discovered the sort of professional photographers I was looking for, were few and far between.

Thankfully I was able to find a few select photographers, who were able to capture the images I was hoping to achieve, for various elements of commercial work I was involved.  However, as time progressed, my control of each shoot increased, progressively organising the studio/location, the models, the props, the composition, and even the lighting.  Effectively all I was paying the photographer to do, was bring the camera, finalise the camera settings and trigger the shutter.

For some of the smaller images I was hoping to gain for smaller elements around the websites I was involved, the price of paying the professionals I wanted to use, or the price of buying commercial images from the stock libraries, was just too high to justify for size and use of the images required.

With the cost of suitable quality SLRs dropping year on year, in December 2007, I was finally able to justify purchasing the equipment required, to take the standard of photos I was looking to gain.

Fortunately I already understood composition, I knew what I wanted to achieve, and I understood how it needed to work.  All I then needed to learn was how to use the camera itself, to balance the various axis of shutter speed, digital ISO, aperture, etc.   So I carefully studied the camera manual, and practised a lot.

Things progressed very quickly, with friends and colleagues asking to me to be involved with their various shoots. Within just a couple of months, my images were being used in the local printed press, national magazines, on promotional and commercial literature, other people’s blogs, and on commercial websites around the world.

In June 2008 I put in my first entry to a photography competition with Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2008, and won the UK photography finals. Thankfully my images were of sufficient quality to then also give me the chance to be entered into the Worldwide Finals (in Paris for 6 days) where I was fortunate to come in the top 6, as a solo entrant, against other teams from around the world.

Part of this competition was adhering to strict photo-journalistic standards.  So effectively, apart from a little dust removal, cropping, or mild exposure variation, the final image needed to closely match that from the camera, and could not be enhanced in Photoshop or similar.  This was thus the ‘style’ I continued with : maximum shooting and minimal editing.

Business continued to grow, with various commercial and private clients around the world.   I’m always learning, and I love finding new images to help capture a feeling, a moment, or an expression.

I’ve now moved to NZ, to develop my work in the movie industry as a stills photographer.

If you have an event, function, or idea you’re trying to capture, please do let me know, and I’m confident an amicable agreement can be reached.

You can view my photostream, on Flickr:

I would quite often be capturing images from larger public events, and so these would often be published to collections on Flickr for others to purchase.

To see various sets of these images, you can browse through my blog on here.  At the base of each post, you will often find a link to the larger collection. For quite a few of the events I attend, the performers are also able to purchase copies for themselves after the event, hence the number of images shared.

These much larger collections can also give you a better impression of my ‘style’, and what you’re likely to get from me at your shoot or event. If you have any other queries of course, please do let me know.