The Imagine Cup 2008 Worldwide Finals

The various photos I’ve been taking throughout the ImagineCup2008 Worldwide Finals are now uploading to these livespaces account.

If you’d like to publish the photos of yourself from this portfolio elsewhere, for non-commercial purposes only, that’s fine, just please ensure you credit me (with a web-link where applicable) wherever you use them (ie on facebook, myspace, etc).  I do however now also have all of these photos from the Imagine Cup 2008 on my facebook account.  Just search for ‘Jason Parlour’ and you should find me.

If you’d like to use any of these images commercially, ie on a business/photography website or similar, please get in contact directly to discuss, and I’m sure we can reach an amicable arrangement pretty quickly and cheaply as applicable.

(NB. If you work for Microsoft, and you want to use them on a Microsoft website/blog, there’s no need to get in contact prior to making a copy, just please let me know where they’re being used, and again, make the relevant photo credits when using them 🙂 )

Of course, if you’d like any high resolution copies of any of these images (up to around 3822×2592 pixels, big enough for an A3 print), just let me know which one(s) (ideally by sending a thumbnail copy, or the image reference number) and I can get a copy sent/uploaded for you pretty promptly.